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January 5th Newspaper Column

Happy New Year!

By the time the paper comes out this week we will be back to regular hours and regular staffing, holidays will have been taken, kids after school programs will be back, and we will be deep into planning programs for the rest of the year. If there is some topic you would like us to work on building a program around, please let us know. We’re happy to give it a shot.

December 29th Newspaper Column

Holiday celebrations continue at least through Sunday, and your local library is here to help make them shine. Whether you are in need of a new recipe to wow guests who are just emerging from their Christmas food comas, are hoping to up your cocktail game for New Year’s Eve, or just need some quiet time with a good movie – we’ve got you covered. Need a little New Year resolution inspiration? Our nonfiction section is chock full of advice on health, wealth, and generally living well. Just looking for a fireplace to curl up in front of? We’ve got that, too.


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