The Friends of the Caestecker Public Library is a group of dedicated volunteers and supporters who believe that the public library is a valuable asset which must be nourished and supported.

Since its formation in 1982, this organization has focused public attention on the library, raised money to provide materials and equipment not provided by the library budget, and supplied over 500 volunteer hours per year. Activities of the Friends include delivery of materials to the homebound, book repair, book sales, and running the library every Sunday afternoon. Funds raised by the Friends are used to purchase magazine and newspaper subscriptions for the library, pay for special programs and summer performers, and updating our collection. The Friends have also granted us the funds to purchase the bird monitoring kit, outdoor adventure backpacks, telescope, and other “unusual” items that individuals and groups can check out on a weekly basis.

In the fall of 2008 the Friends began their most ambitious project to date – raising funds to replace the library’s aging, occasionally leaky roof. The new roof was finished and passed final inspection in July 2011. The library’s lower level was remodeled in 2017, and the Friends once again contributed significant funds to the project. In 2021, a remodel of the main floor bathrooms and addition of a family bathroom were also financially supported by the Friends. The library truly owes much to our hard-working and generous Friends.

Participation in the Friends ranges from paying annual dues to taking an active role in the organization’s many projects. Won’t you join us?

To join the Friends simply visit the library, call 920-294-3572, or send an email to