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July 11th Newspaper Column

The morning of July 11 I invite you to come to Thursday Morning Conversations to talk all things library with me—Christina Lyon, new library director. Join us for coffee, donuts, and friendly conversation beginning at 10:00am. For those who are doers rather than talkers, you are invited to Summer STEM (also at 10:00).

Friday morning brings story time for the young ones from 10-10:30am. Stop on over Friday afternoon for our first 2019 Summer Acoustic Jam from 1-3:30pm.

July 4th Newspaper Column

It appears that hot, humid, and rainy summer weather is here to stay. Please remember that the library is happy to welcome anyone in need of a safe, cool place on these hot, humid days. There’s entertainment to be had through books and movies, internet access, programs and special events almost every day – in short, all kinds of good reasons to get out of the heat (or the wet) for a while.

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