2023’s Golden Days Harvest Festival was a beautiful weekend of fun, reunion, and new experiences.  At the library, my favorite comment was, “Oh!  We’ll just stay here… the boat’s here.”  Yes, the boat is still here, and will be here for parents to share childhood memories, ring the bell, ‘drive the boat’, cruise the high seas. For other visitors, it was their first time in the building, and they were surprised how accessible everything was, and the scope of materials (and activities) available.  We ‘hooked them’ – and they’ll be back!

Our ‘Friends Book Sale’ was wonderfully successful, raising over $4000 to be used for library materials, programming, scholarships and more.  The indefatigable Friends members made it through the marathon weekend with smiles!

Today’s (Monday) rain, puts me in mind of fall yardwork waiting for my attention.  The library has two ‘extractigators’ for woody brush removal (buckthorn! invasive honeysuckle!).  The tool’s design helps uproot the plants without needing to get down on the ground.  You can find this and other useful items in our Library of Things.  Check it out for a week at a time!

The onset of fall puts my mind in gear for genealogy projects.  The Library of Things includes a digital film convertor for slides and film negatives.  Take my advice and start your project now, while you can ask family members to assist in identifying people featured in your treasured family keepsakes.  The task becomes much more complicated without those resources. Once digitized (and saved to your computer, flash drive, cloud, etc.), you can enlarge the images and determine who that handsome fellow in the fedora is!

Whatever the day’s goals or adventures are, the library is here to help!