As I start to compile information for the library’s annual report, I have a statistics snapshot to share:  

  • Our circulation of physical library materials was up 2% from 2022. The Green Lake library is in a group of 11 libraries out of 29 that saw an increase in our physical circulation. The actual numbers are 37,332 in 2022 and 37,996 in 2023. 
  • Our digital circulation, specifically from Overdrive, skyrocketed over 15% from 2022 (7,973 checkouts) to 2023 (9,185). 

While there are many other uses for library space and activities not recorded in such hard numbers, the above stats are two exciting indicators that our local community uses and enjoys our library services, many daily. Those numbers also tell us that while our community still enjoys physical materials options, digital services are a quickly growing category.    

Community poll: visit us at the desk and share your answers!

Do you use prefer physical materials or digital? Both? 

We have print magazines and try to keep the collection fresh. Are there any you’d like to see on our shelves that we currently don’t carry?