It’s a snow day for school but the library is open on Thursday, January 19. This afternoon’s showing of Tar is still on! 

January is Radon Action Month. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon gas is inert, colorless, and odorless. The only way to know what level radon you have in your home is to test! The good news is we now have two Digital Radon Detectors available to checkout for free with your library card. The radon detector is easy to use, battery powered, and on-screen results show both long and short-term readings for a quick overview of radon levels in your home. Once you have your results you can call the Green Lake County Health Department at 920-294-4070 with any questions or for next steps on how to mitigate the radon in your home.

While you’re at home on rainy or snowy days and dreaming of spring, plan in a visit to the library before you get to work. If you have woody brush you’re needing to remove, like buckthorn or invasive honeysuckle, one of our most popular checkouts from our Library of Things display is the Extractigator. The Extractigator classic is a heavy-duty puller device that can pull invasives that are paper thin up to 2” in diameter, roots-and-all. In some cases, it’s a little too heavy-duty so we recently purchased the Extractigator Junior that weighs 5lbs less and is easier to move around in tight spaces. Both are available to check out for a week at a time.

A few other highlights from the Library of Things include two Bright Light Therapy Lamps to help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder and the winter blues. You also might be interested in the metal detector, marble run maze, projector, DVD player, adventure backpacks, disc golf sets, and ukulele kit. All that and more can be found on the slatwall display right near the front entrance of the library.